What Bed to Buy for a Bad Back?

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Having a bad back can be really debilitating. The back is involved in so many different types of body movements that it’s almost impossible to not move it after a pull or a sprain, meaning back injuries are usually pretty painful and can take a while to heal. Perhaps the best thing to do when you’ve hurt your back is to rest up and take it easy. But even rest can make your back worse if your bed isn’t up to scratch.

What About the Mattress?

Having a good mattress is absolutely crucial for supporting the back in the right way while you’re resting and sleeping. A good mattress will help your back feel better and a bad mattress can actually make it worse. There’s much debate over what constitutes the ultimate best mattress for sufferers of bad backs, but you basically need to be looking for a mattress which moulds to the shape of your body when you adopt a normal sleeping position, but which doesn’t lose any of its supportiveness. Make sure your spine is straight when you’re lying down (both on your back and your side), but certainly opt for what feels comfortable and natural to you.

The Height of Your Bed Base

Bending and crouching to get into bed – and similarly, having to rise up from the floor after sleep – will be both difficult and dangerous for someone with a bad back. The optimal height of your bed base should be such that you can sit on the edge with both feet flat on the floor. Any higher or lower and you may have difficulty.

Different Types of Bed Bases

There are a number of different bed base types which are popularly used today. These include:

  • Divans: available in sprung edge, solid or platform top and firm edge.

  • Slatted Bases: most commonly used with bedsteads, these can either be rigid or flexible, and have wide gaps between the slats or narrow.

  • Adjustable bases: these are designed with moving parts so the bed owner can choose to have their bed rise into a seating position or have a section rise up under the knees.

Within these categories you have variations, such as differences in style, width, length or height. You can also mix and match your bed frame, if you know what to ask for. For example, if you’re looking for a simple, sturdy wooden bed frame all you need to do is contact Metal Beds Ltd. However, if you’re want to combine the sturdiness of an oak bed frame with the luxury of a fully sprung bed base in the style of a divan you will need to contact a manufacturer to see if one can be made to order.

The Best Bed Base for You

The key to choosing a good bed base doesn’t entirely lie with the bed base itself, but rather in how well it works in conjunction with your mattress of choice. For example, a slatted base is absolutely fine as long as the space between the slats is close enough to give your mattress good support, which will prevent wear and tear over the years. Similarly, a sprung edge divan will also increase a mattress’ durability and lifespan, whilst increasing flexibility. Some older beds have non-conforming sizes – i.e. they are either too large or small for modern mattresses. This may prevent you from choosing the best mattress for your back. Additionally, adjustable bases are great for daytime support but it’s important not to sleep with any parts raised up or you may find this aggravates a back injury. 

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