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Living in a smaller space such as a flat does not mean that you cannot create a fantastic dining space for you and your guests. Here are some ways that you can make the most of your space and have some great times.

Compact dining sets

If you do not have room for a formal dining table and chairs, there are many compact dining sets available that look lovely and provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy meals with your favorite people. A folding table and chair set can be another solution for small spaces because it can easily be put away when not needed. This also gives you the option of setting up your dining space anywhere in your flat that you want.

Use your counter top to create a dining bar

Small counter tops that jut out to form an island can be used to serve guests from, or as a dining surface itself. In order to make sure that you utilize the space well, avoid the urge to store too much on it when you do not have guests. For simple entertaining, a bar can be a big help. You can lay out refreshments so that guests have easy access to them and can serve themselves. Adding garnishes or a simple vase of flowers can help make your guest buffets look really special.

Get creative with seating

Dining areas do not have to be limited to the use of traditional chairs. The right type of loveseat or settee can add seating that is stylish yet compact. This can allow you to seat more guests comfortably. If you have a window seat with space in front of it, you might consider putting the dining table near it so that it can be utilized. Guests will also be able to enjoy the view while dining.

The right light

It can help create the right atmosphere for entertaining when you have some control over the lighting in the area. This can be difficult in flats and rentals where you cannot simply change hardwired lighting or add additional fixtures. One solution is to have a floor lamp or hang a chandelier above your table that can be plugged into a nearby outlet. This can be done using a simple hook. Floor lamps are more manageable for most people as they can be moved around easily.

Go green

Houseplants can add an attractive touch to a small dining space. They can be set on nearby shelves or hung in baskets. Some plants can help make your dining area smell pleasant as well. Herbs are a great idea for small spaces because you can use them to cook with and save money.

Get real about what size dining area you really need

When shopping for dining tables it is easy to be in awe of large and beautiful sets that are not practical for your situation. If you do not eat at home frequently, you may not want to take up a great deal of space with a large dining set. A fold away unit or a compact set is plenty for two people that like to entertain occasionally.

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