How to look after your Outdoor Pond: 3 Tips for Inexperienced Home-owners

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Summer time is here, and home-owners throughout the UK are finalising plans to develop their garden and outdoor space. With numerous offline and online resources offering advice to those who are keen to develop their external spaces, however, it can be difficult to plot a clear and practical course for bringing your design ideas into life. Investing in the installation of an outdoor pond can be an excellent way of modernising your garden and infusing it with character, and although this can be costly the end result can add a truly breath-taking addition to your home.

3 Things to Remember when Maintaining your Pool

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to look after your pool and ensure that it delivers genuine value for money? Consider the following: –

  1. Consider the Positioning and Placement of your Pond

As a general rule, you should strive not to have your pond at the lowest point of your garden. Although this advice may not help individuals who have already installed their ponds, anyone who is looking to do so this summer can take advantage and ensure that their pond is well-positioned. By placing your pond at the highest possible point of your garden, you can ensure that it will not overflow during periods of heavy rainfall, while this will also prevent the water from becoming polluted with rubble and dirt over time.

  1. Clean and Maintain Pumps and Filters

If your pond is to stand the test of time and provide a suitable environment for pets and marine life, it is crucial that you invest in high quality water pumps and filtration systems. Both of these fixtures serve crucial purposes, as pumps help to keep fresh water moving around your pond while filters act as miniscule sewage system that removes dirt, debris and waste. It is therefore important that you look to maintain both pumps and filters on a regular basis, as this will optimise their performance and save you considerable sums of money over time.

  1. Pay Attention to Seemingly Unimportant Small Details

While looking to successfully maintain a pond, attention to detail is crucial. There are a number of small and seemingly insignificant factors that can impact on the performance of filters and the ultimate cleanliness of water, and it is your duty as a home-owner to take these into consideration. Fortunately, you can negate a number of potential problems at the installation stage, as you commit to investing in high quality materials and premium pond lining from a reputable supplier such as All Pond Solutions. This means that a proactive mind-set is important when first planning the development of your pond.

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