Decomposed Granite: Where Can You Use It?

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Over millennia, granite, which is an organic material, gets crushed until it becomes both gravel and particles of sand. There are many types of black decomposed granite, which is mixed with rock from quarries and recycled materials to create up to over 40 color blends and a mix of sizes, shapes, and compositions.

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Crushed materials used for pathways and other similar uses tend to perform better because they’re naturally firmer underfoot due to the smaller particle size. They also do well in seasonal environments that receive considerable rain because it can seep through the granite to the earth below without flooding the surrounding area.

Here are a few practical uses for decomposed granite that you may not have thought of before.

Residential Driveway

The driveway is a good place to start using decomposed granite because it’s crushed down small enough so that it doesn’t get stuck in the vehicle’s tires or spray everywhere when driving in and out. The material compresses down nicely, so it remains a consistent surface through its useful life. When the rain comes, rather than pooling in depressed areas, water can permeate the driveway and disappear.

When considering the landscaping aspect of the front area of the home, the color mix is selectable with granite, so a driveway color can be chosen that fits into the surrounding look or actively contrasts against it to set a different tone.

Bike Trails

For parks and trails alongside the road, cities, and counties, decomposed granite material can provide a smoother, more dependable surface for bicycles to use. Since the material is ground so small, there’s no danger to tires, even when they’re made of thin rubber.

It’s worth noting that when a bike trail is expected to get a lot of traffic, then a stabilized pathway blend is a better choice because it handles the increased use better.

Garden Landscaping

It’s not always ideal to use paving stones as a walking area in the back garden. For one thing, it’s tough to lay them flat and they’re also not very user-friendly when people who’ll use the garden are a little unsure of their footing. With toddlers and small kids who are likely to fall over, a granite surface on a landscaped path is going to be more forgiving than hard paving stones. This is something to consider for parents who want a landscaped path but have little kids at home and aren’t sure what material would be suitable.

Nature Walkways

Decomposed granite is one option for an inexpensive, easier walkway to walk on for the local community. Using a natural material that originally came from the earth fits in well with the surrounding area, especially when nature is in abundance. For low-traffic, little-used pathways, this material is ideal and doesn’t disintegrate underfoot when it rains or snows.

There are many uses for decomposed granite. It’s a colorful surfacing material that whilst being decorative can also serve a useful purpose too. The wide choice of colors between products is also a major selling point when landscaping gardens.






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