4 Ways to Save Money in the Bedroom

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Saving money should be a priority for any homeowner, whether you’re a thrifty type or not. Less money spent in the home means more to put aside for a rainy day, or to spend on other little luxuries for you and your family. Working out where to begin can be tricky, so here are some helpful hints for saving money in the bedroom that hopefully you can apply to the rest of your home.

Second-Hand and Thrifting

Second-hand and thrifted furniture and bedroom accessories are, of course, the number one way to save money. So many people decide to get rid of their old furniture in favour of brand new, and this is where you come in. The best places to acquire second hand furniture include:

  • Yard sales

  • Auctions

  • eBay / Online

  • Home Clearances

  • Second-hand and junk shops

Assembling Furniture

If you’ve just ordered a whole bunch of new furniture you’re probably really excited about getting it installed and seeing how it will look in your home. Don’t get too excited though – assembling and installing furniture can be costly in terms of both time and money. However, there is one easy way to save money. When you’re thinking about where to buy your furniture from, go to a retailer like David Phillips who offer both next day delivery and free assembly. Not only will your furniture get put up in no time, but all you’ll be required to do is put the kettle on.

Electrical Appliances

Bedrooms shouldn’t be a hub of electrical activity, but it’s not uncommon for people to have at least a lightshade, lamp and maybe a TV in their bedrooms. These appliances can waste money simply through leaving them switched on, or by not using the right bulbs. Choose energy saving bulbs in the first instance and always remember to switch lights and televisions off when you leave the room.


Heating is one of the most common ways in which money is wasted in the home, never mind the bedroom. It’s also one of the costliest to fix, but an energy efficient home can save more money in the long term than you would ever pay out in the first instance. In the bedroom, reduce the need for heating by making sure any cracks around windows are sealed, and that flooring reaches all the way from wall to wall. For yourself, using the right duvet with an appropriate tog rating will help to keep you cosy at night.

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