Wine and Cheese Party Free Printable Invite

Yesterday I shared some of the details of my fabulous wine and cheese tasting party. I have no doubt you want to hold one yourself now. I don’t blame you.


Well, how about a couple of free printables that will get your wine and cheese party off to a gorgeous start?

Wine Party Invitation_edited-1

I wanted something very simple and tasteful. Nothing that was too crazy but got the point across. Get your own blank invite here.

cheese faves

Something I also had made up were these fill-in-the-blank favorites cards. I placed them strategically around the room with pens. If there was a particular cheese or wine you really liked, just write it down. Take your card with you, and next time you go shopping, you know what it is you want. Remember those little signs I made for all of the cheeses? This is where they came in handy. Get your own non-watermarked printable here.

So, what three people, living or dead, would be invited to your wine and cheese tasting party?

Wine and Cheese Party

I adore parties. I love to host them. And I love coming up with fun new themes we’ve never tried before. Thus, when my mom began thinking about doing a wine tasting, I knew it would be a great opportunity to get friends together.


First order of business? Figure out who would even be interested in a wine and cheese tasting party. Not everyone thinks it’s as glamorous as I do to live off of wine, cheese, and chocolate. It’s a select few who find it a great way to spend the evening. We came up with a guest list of about 13 people. This was a good size because you don’t want to get too big of a crowd at a party completely centered on drinking.

Second, we sent out invitations. We decided to have our guests help out with the tasting by having each couple bring a bottle of wine and a cheese to share. This was a great way to get people out of their comfort zone and try something new. It also ended up being an excellent way to discover each others’ favorites.


The menu was easy to determine. Mainly because the showcase of the event was cheese. However, we provided a selection of appetizers and chocolates. My mom made up vegetable and meat trays, so that there would be a great variety of food. No one should ever drink wine on an empty stomach.

I also created little signs for each item, so everyone could easily identify them. This was simple and oh-so-helpful. I cut cardstock into 4”x3” rectangles and folded them in half to create stand-alone signs that were 2” tall and 3” wide. I kept a pen handy, so as guests arrived with their cheeses, I could label them.


We gathered a large variety of wine glasses and charms, so no one’s glass would get confused with another’s. Seating was a casual circle in the living room, with each person having easy access to a little table to set their glass on.

It was an absolute blast of a party, and one I think I will host again sometime with a different group of people. And, even though my batteries ran out before I could get a decent photo of myself, I’ll share this with you:


What wine would you bring to my party?

Upcycled Circle Skirt Tutorial

One of the main reasons I learned to sew was to be able to create great vintage fashions that fit. I also wanted it to be inexpensive for me to dress like some hip 1950s housewife. I needed a circle skirt tutorial.

I discovered thrifting materials and re-creating them into something entirely different. It’s a great way to cut costs and conserve resources. Here’s how I’ve managed to combine my love of vintage clothes, vintage fabrics, and thrift stores: A circle skirt created from a thrifted vintage sheet.

Upcycled Circle Skirt Tutorial

Upcycled Circle Skirt Tutorial

What You Need: Vintage flat sheet Vintage bias tape 1/4″ non-roll elastic String or twine Safety pin Marking pen or tailor’s chalk Thread Sewing machine

Circle Skirt Tutorial Materials

When thrifting sheets, check to make sure there aren’t tears or stains. It’s possible to work around them, but it’s easiest not to. Vintage bias tape can be found at estate and yard sales. I found this pack in my mom’s stash. If you can’t find it, use new 1/2″ double-fold bias tape.

First, take your measurements. You need your hip measurement as well as how long you want the skirt. Then, take your hip measurement and divide by 6. Feel free to round up 1/2″. This is measurement H. Next, add 1 1/2″ to your length. This we will call measurement L.

Cut a length of string that is measurement L plus about 10″. Tie the marking pen to one end of the string. Tie a knot at a distance equal to the H measurement. From that knot, measure the L measurement and tie a second knot.

Next, fold your sheet in half width-wise. Fold it in half width-wise again. You should have a square. At a corner that does not have the large finished edge (the part you usually put at the head of your bed), pin the string with the W knot. One side of your corner should have what appears to be a single fold, and the other side should have two folds.

Circle Skirt Tutorial

Draw an arc from one side of the square to the other. Move the pin to the L knot and pin to the corner once again. Draw a second arc. Carefully cut through along the two drawn lines. You should have a great big circle with a cut-out circle in the middle when unfolded.

Make a few marks 1/2″ down around the waistline. Pin the bias tape to the waistline,  sandwiching the sheet between the bias tape, and lining up the edge to these marks. Keep the narrower side of the bias tape to the outside of the skirt. Very close to the edge of the tape, stitch around the bias tape, but stop before reaching the other end.

Circle Skirt Tutorial

Cut a piece of elastic to fit your waist, plus about 1″. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and use it to thread the elastic through the bias tape waistband. Overlap the ends of the elastic, pin, and try on the skirt. Make any adjustments to the tightness of the elastic to make it fit. When you’re pleased, use a zig-zag stitch to attach the two ends together.

Cut the unsewn bias tape end so that it overlaps the other end by about an 1″. Fold the end under 1/2″, pin to the skirt, and carefully edgestitch it to attach. Finish the skirt by making a 1/4″ double-fold hem.

The entire project takes only about 2 hours and $2 to complete. How’s that for upcycled fabulous?

Upcycled Circle Skirt Tutorial

I Made It! Monday

Well, it’s Sunday for me right now. Erik and I are going to have a backyard camp-out. Camping is probably my favorite thing to do, so I’m super excited. We’re even having a little campfire and cooking out. Yay! Hope your long weekend has been great, too.

Here’s a favorite project from last week’s linky:

A unique onesie by Binge Crafter.  I love the non-girly girl look of it. Plus, she gives you tips on how to make your own for the little girl in your life.

On to this week. A few guidelines:

1. Follow my blog pretty please. It makes me happy. I think it will also make you happy. Can’t verify that, though,. :)

2. Keep it family-friendly. Make sure it’s something you’ve created. I reserve the right to delete links.

3. Have fun! Visit some of the other blogs and share comments.

4. Post my button or a link to my site somewhere on your blog, so others can join the party.

Ninth Street Notions

Ninth Street Notions


Visit Newport Beach and Relax!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Newport Beach. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s summertime. And I’m sure you need a break from everyday life. School’s out, and it’s time to relax.

Why not visit Newport Beach, California? It’s the perfect combination of sophistication and laid-back. Your family will have a blast on your care-free vacation.

CDM Hero Shot

If you check out the “Things to Do” tab on the Newport Beach website, you won’t know where to start once you get there. Since it has some of the cleanest beaches in SoCal, you could try swimming, surfing, or body boarding. Or hey, how about some romantic walks on the beach at sunset?

Personally, I’m more of a hiker. They’ve got that, too. The Upper Newport Bay nature preserve and reserve is a great place to get out and enjoy some of the natural beauty that surrounds Newport Beach. Or I’d like to check out Crystal Cove State Park. Sounds like a great place to explore.


Kids will love all of the fun summer camp options.


There are hundreds of camps for kids ages 3 and up. Surfing – sailing – baseball – physics – web design – something for every kid! And I kinda really wish I was still a kid, so I could try some of these great camps out.

Check out the Visit Newport Beach site, and you’ll find all of the information you need to start planning your trip. They offer city information, tons of great info on what to do, and you can even make hotel reservations for your stay.

Right now, the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach is offering an amazing deal for families: buy one room at full price and receive a connecting room for kids ages 18 and under for 50% off. The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach is located on 26 acres and offers three pools and whirpools, ping pong, shuffle board, and a 9-hole par-3  golf course. If you want to take advantage of this deal, call 800-233-1234 and mention the Family Plan.

Check out this video for even more reasons to head to Newport Beach:

And tell me, why do you need a vacation? Have you been to Newport Beach before? And when you go, what activities are you most excited to try out?


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