5 Things I Do Every Day

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For my epic topic I wanted to participate in Listable Life by moments that define life. The list? Five Things I Do Every Day. Riveting, I know. :)

1. Check my e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

I spend probably way too much time doing this. I believe I may have an addiction. I have my personal e-mail AND my blog e-mail to check. Ditto for my Facebook. Then I have to think of witty things to post to all of these. It can be quite exhausting. I usually do this to start and end my day.


2. Eat breakfast

So this one seems pretty basic. Of all my friends, though, I believe I am the only one who eats breakfast. Every. Single. Day. I love breakfast. I quite thoroughly believe it’s the most important meal of the day. I strive to make my breakfast delicious and filling. This means: a protein, a grain, and a fruit. Sometimes it’s bacon, sometimes it’s eggs, sometimes it’s yogurt. Throw in an English muffin and pear, and I’m ecstatic. I just wish I could convince everyone they should do this too.

Source: suziebeezie.tumblr.com via emporio74 on Pinterest


3. Tell my husband I love him

Recently friends of ours said that they love our relationship. They said it was easy to see that we were best friends. I loved hearing this because my marriage is so important to me. I work every day to keep our marriage beautiful and strong. This means I tell him I love him, I text him silly love notes, and I plan little gifts or cards or dates that show I was thinking of him.


Isn't he adorable?

4. Cook

I adore cooking. It is probably my favorite thing to do. I love reading cook books and magazines. I love coming up with my own new ideas. More than that, though, it’s important to me that we limit the amount of processed foods in our diet. It just seems to me to be a healthier way to live, so I cook almost all of our meals at home.

Source: Uploaded by user via Caterina on Pinterest


5. Read my Bible

Probably the most important part of my day. It’s as simple as that.

So, tell me, what’s something you do every day?

My Love Story: Part 3

So far, Erik and I were not doing so great together. He had managed to create an unimaginably awkward situation by saying he wanted to just be friends. Didn’t stop him though.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks from that fishing trip. I missed a call from Erik while I was at my job at the dental office. When I had a chance to listen to the message, he said, “I wanted to talk to you about something important. Call me back when you get a chance.”

At the time I was living in a spare building at a bed and breakfast. I got absolutely terrible cell phone reception inside my little studio apartment, so I had to go outside and sit on the steps. I dialed his number, nervous as can be.

Valdez Sign

After answering and the initial uncomfortable “hellos,” he said, “You remember when I said I just wanted to be friends? I don’t know why I said that, because I don’t.”

I was stunned, to say the least.

Erik said, “I’d like to get to know you better. But I don’t want to talk to you every day or see you every day or anything.”

Who says something like that? I like you, but I don’t want to talk to you very often. Crazy as it is, I agreed to it.

He also didn’t want a bunch of people to know, either. That, at least, made sense to me. No sense to get a bunch of people involved if we weren’t sure it was going anywhere. In fact, I acknowledged to myself that if it didn’t work out, I would have to move. There’s no way I could stay in that tiny town with our tiny group of friends if things didn’t go well between us.

The next day he invited me to lunch with a couple of the boys. We chatted as if nothing had changed. He began calling me every day. We saw each other every day. Erik did not follow his own rules.

Erik Playing Guitar

Things were definitely looking up.

Catch the rest of the saga:

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I Made It! Monday Week 58

My weekend was nice and relaxing. I spent Saturday afternoon watching TV with Erik while I had bread baking. Saturday we went to a fabulous crab feed. It’s so great to get together with friends and chat.

Last week’s party was fun. Here’s a favorite:

spring mantel art

Isn’t this adorable custom art for a spring mantel? I adore it. Go check it out at Life on Walnut Street.

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