How to Make a Fabric Flower Pin

I created this fabric flower pin for a scarf I made. It was so cute and easy to make, I just had to share the tutorial with you.

All you need is some fabric (larger scraps will work), a pin back, a glass, hot glue, and a marking pen.

First, trace around the glass on your fabric with your marking pen.

Mark around your glass

Cut out the circle. If you pin a few layers of fabric together, you can get more done at once.

Six Circles

You will need six fabric circles.

Fold in Half

Fold each circle in half once. And then in half again.

Fold in half again

Pin together

Start pinning your folded petals together, overlap the edges slightly.

All pinned together

Here it is all pinned together.

Stitch Together

Stitch the petals together at the center. Use a crazy zig zag stitch. It doesn’t have to be perfect – you’re covering it up, after all – just get those petals held together.

Attach button

Stitch a button into the center.

Attach scrap

Attach a scrap of fabric to the back of the flower with hot glue.

Attach pin

Attach the pin back with some hot glue. I like to put another scrap of fabric over that for stability.


Here it is in action! Well what do you think? Where could you use a cute fabric flower pin?


I Made It! Monday Linky Week 55

I had a nice quiet weekend. One highlight was going to the thrift store on Friday. I found four books to read (only 25 cents each!), some neat china, as well as some very cool vintage sheets. I’m trying to decide whether to make a bag or a skirt from my sheets. Maybe both.

Here’s a favorite from last week’s party:

Sweet Potato & Tofu Curry

Doesn’t that look so delicious? It’s a sweet potato and tofu curry by Meine Kochlust. I will definitely be making this for one of our meatless dinners.

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Ninth Street Notions

Ninth Street Notions

Tea Party Food

People who know me know at least one thing: I love food. Like a lot. Like more than any normal person should. As I write this I am flipping back and forth in cooking magazines, even though it has nothing to do with the topic of what food I served at my tea party.

I don’t know where this obsession came from. All I know is that it doesn’t abate. I just become more and more addicted to all things food-related. Not that I eat tons of food, but I find a certain satisfaction in reading about it, talking about it, and planning what I’m next going to be cooking.

I spent weeks deciding what was to be served at my tea party. I determined early on to have two course, one savory and the other sweet. This would allow me to serve a variety of foods and have a little something for everyone, including my gluten-free and vegetarian friends.

Tea Party Food

The savory course consisted of an absolutely delicious Acorn Squash soup by A Cozy Kitchen. I left out the cheesy croutons, since I had a full menu, but it was so tasty. My only issue? It reminded me once again of how much I hate trying to peel squash. Does anyone have any tips for me?

I also made bacon scones. They’re made with cheddar cheese and onions. And they are oh-so-good. My husband adores them. Sorry I don’t have a recipe for you. :( I got it from some magazine a few years ago. For my vegetarian friends I also made a Mushroom, Onion, & Gouda quiche. It was delicious, even if I really am terrible at making pie crust. I ended up just squishing it into the bottom of my pan.

The sweet course was a lot of fun. I baked Ginger Tea Cakes with Lemon Glaze from Rachael Ray. They are very gingery, which I adored. They’re so tiny and cute, too. Ginger Tea Cakes

I also tried my hand at crumpets.




I made a practice run of these the week before for Erik and me. They’re really quite simple to make and so good. We toasted them for breakfast. I used them in place of English muffins for Eggs Benedict. I slathered them with butter. So many great uses for crumpets.

And the third part of my sweet course was Cranberry-Orange Scones. Each of these treats was served with homemade lemon curd and Devonshire cream. I do believe that these two food accessories are the things dreams are made of. Quite a few of my guests ate about a half dozen crumpets slathered in lemon curd and Devonshire cream. It is that good.

What would you serve at your tea party? Or what’s your favorite afternoon treat?

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Tea Party: Activities

OK, disclaimer: I love presents. Absolutely love them. I love thinking about them, I love giving them, and I love getting them. I don’t celebrate holidays, though, so I have to make up my own excuses for gifts. This tea party became one of those excuses.

At a tea party I had previously attended, we did a gift exchange, and it was a lot of fun. I decided to do that again. Included with my invitations was a note that said, “Please bring a small gift (under $10) to exchange. Wrap it between 2 and 7 times.”

Why between 2 and 7 times, you ask? Simply this: the game is that everyone starts with one of the wrapped gifts. Unwrap it once and pass it on. Each time it’s passed, the gift is unwrapped one layer. If you are the person who unwraps the last layer, you get that gift. Since no one knows how many times each gift is wrapped, it’s a surprise as to which one you get. Fun, right?

I discovered that apparently all of my friends except one considers 3 to be a magical number or something. This includes me. Almost all of the gifts were revealed at the same time. That was okay. No one seemed to mind. The gift I gave was a set of homemade “spa” treatments: lotion, bath salts, sugar scrub, and, of course, bath tea. I received a very cute tea set charm bracelet.

Tea Party Gift

I also planned a couple of other activities that didn’t end up happening. A friend of mine is writing a book, and she requested reading a chapter from it, just like we really were Regency ladies. Unfortunately a family emergency called her out of town last minute, and she didn’t make it to the party at all. :(

A second game was a word game sort of like Scattergories. It’s old-fashioned, and I seem to have forgotten the name of it, but it’s one my sister and I played a lot as kids. Each person has a piece of paper with a 6×6 grid marked out on it. I created mine in Microsoft Word easily enough. When it comes time to play the game, the group comes up with five categories to mark down the left hand column. These should be categories like “U.S. cities,” “countries,” or “drinks.” Then a five-letter word with no repeating letters, like “HORSE,” is written across the top row. You have 3 minutes to fill in as many of the remaining squares as possible with words. For example, if you have the category U.S. city, and you are in the “S” column, you might write Seattle. When time is up, count up your score, with one point for each unique answer you have. Our group just talked, so we never got around to the game. That was perfectly fine, since this tea party was a great excuse to catch up with friends.

What’s your favorite party activity?

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Winter Printable – Let It Snow!

Last week was our first snow of the year. We had a great big blizzard – no going to town, stayed close to home for work, and drank hot chocolate kind of weather. And then it was gone. Just like that, the very next day, the snow was gone. I have as yet to be able to go sledding this year. That makes me sad.

So I made this little printable to share with you. Now maybe you’re not like me. You’re dreading one more snowflake. You can’t wait for spring thaw. But perhaps you could print this out anyways. Just for me. See if we can’t get a little snow going on for me.

It’s 8.5″x11″, 300 dpi. Get it here.