I Made It! Monday Linky Week 42

Man, everybody. I feel like I have been getting nothing done lately. This weekend my husband got very sick, so I had (wanted) to try and make him feel better. This meant getting lots of crackers and lemon-lime soda.

Plus, I’m moving. I’ll share photos of the new place soon.

And, I’m getting ready for my parents’ 20th-anniversary party. I’ll have pictures of that, too.

And then, after all this gets done, maybe I’ll have some time for fun projects just for me. Maybe I’ll even share them with you. :)

Hopefully you haven’t had this problem. You’ve been creating up a storm. Here’s a fun project from last week’s linky:


Mrs. T, Naturally shared a little tutorial on making your very own organic children’s baby wash. What a great idea because it’s SO expensive. Now, as you all know, I haven’t any kids. But I do have a husband with sensitive skin. This might be just the thing for him, too.

On to this week. A few guidelines. Not rules, per say, but guidelines.

1. Follow my blog. You’ll know when to link up next week.
2. Keep it family-friendly. I do reserve the right to delete links.
3. Post a link on your post, so others can join the fun.
4. Visit the others’ projects and share some comments.

I Made It! Monday Linky Week 41

Well, we’re in the midst of The Pinterest Challenge. I hope that everyone is busy working on some sewing projects to link up to the challenge post to win some fabulous prizes

In the meantime, if you’ve been working on other projects, please link up now at I Made It! Monday. I really loved this fun wall art from last week:

It’s a great wooden letter wall art tutorial from Roubinek Reality. 

This week, what have you got going? Link up after the break.

Here are a few guidelines:

1. Please follow my blog. You don’t have to, but it will help you know when to link up next week.
2. Keep it family-friendly. I reserve the right to delete links.
3. Post my button somewhere on your blog. Let’s grow this party!


4. Have fun! Visit some of the other blogs and share some comments.

Oktoberfest Dinner!

My husband and I began an annual tradition during our first year of marriage. Erik’s family is German, and so we started having Oktoberfest each year.

The first year was small, and we really had no idea what we were doing. But it was so delicious anyways, we knew we had to have it again.

This October, our third year, I think we finally got everything figured out just right.

We invited four other couples, including my parents to our feast. At the last minute an out-of-town friend arrived, and of course, the more the merrier! We had our guests bring the beer.

My mother brought sauerkraut that she had made about a month ago. That gave it plenty of time to ferment. She also made German Potato Salad for the first time, and it was fantastic!

Erik made giant Bavarian pretzels. He loves to make them, and they are oh-so-good. We served them with various mustards, including some Erik had made from scratch.

I, in turn, made red cabbage. It’s tangy, sweet and sour. Find the recipe I used here. It’s tasty. I also made spaetzle for the first time. I was a little scared, but it turned out so so yummy. Here’s the recipe I used. Fortunately the colander I had worked just great for pushing out the dough into the salted water. I also made my husband’s favorite, Black Forest Cake, for dessert. But sorry – no pictures of that.

What fall traditions do you have in your family?

Fun New Scarf for The Pinterest Challenge

I really hope you all have been working on your Sewing Projects for The Pinterest Challenge. Sure, there are other categories, but….well, sewing is fantastic! ;)

I even got around to a sewing project I had on my Pinterest boards for the challenge. To see photos and find out about my inspiration, catch the jump.

Here it is:

I love how it turned out! This project is unbelievably simple to create. I really think I might make a few in different colors. Plus, since I used a scrap piece of material, it cost me zilch to make. But even if I had to buy it, it doesn’t use a lot of fabric, so it’s really quite economical.

Here’s the inspiration:

From Sewing in No Mans Land

Trust me, go check out this tutorial. It’s such an easy and gorgeous project!

And get ready to link up for The Pinterest Challenge!

My Take on Red Wine Cake

So, this cake tastes even more amazing than it looks. It’s so rich and chocolatey – it’s like a yummy truffle. The whipped cream takes on a unique flavor from the addition of marscapone cheese.

What is this cake, you might ask? It’s my first project to share with you as part of the festivities surrounding The Pinterest Challenge. I found this tasty recipe and pinned it awhile ago.

Here’s my inspiration: