Queen-Size Duvet Cover

My sister-in-law recently got married. When I received the invitation I knew immediately that I wanted to make a duvet cover.

I also knew that I wanted to mimic a pattern I had already seen out there in Bloggy Land.

(Sorry the pics aren’t great. Light was not with me.)

This is, of course, my attempt at the projects by Tam of Sew Dang Cute and Mandi of Vintage Revivials. Theirs turned out a little better than mine, but I like mine anyways.

Probably the biggest difference is the size. I used Tam’s measurements as a guideline, but I needed mine to be queen-size. So I went for 88″x88″. However, geometry is not my best subject, so it took me forever to figure out the best way to do that. It took me even longer to cut out the pieces.

Once I began sewing, none of my pieces fit together right, either. But with a little bit of adjustment, it ended up looking a-okay.

I also didn’t use chiffon. I tried. I really did. Especially since I had to travel 2 1/2 hours to find a shop that sold chiffon.

It didn’t work.

Instead I had a meltdown. You know that seen in Julie & Julia where Julie is lying on the kitchen floor with a raw chicken? That was me and the chiffon. Except mine segued to yelling at the chiffon and throwing it around. Fortunately chiffon does not have high impact on walls and lamps.

So I decided to use cotton. It worked a lot better for me. 

And eventually the duvet cover was done. I mailed it off, and hopefully my sister-in-law likes it.

I Made It! Monday Linky Week 33

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of gifting using useful buckets, bins, and whatnot instead of gift paper. This cute project is just such a creation by The Inspired Collection. Thanks for linking up!

Now on to this week. What are your creations?

A few guidelines:

1. Follow my blog, if you would. It’s nice, so you know when to link up next week.
2. Keep it family-friendly. I reserve the right to delete links.
3. Post my button somewhere on your blog. 


4. Have fun! Visit some other blogs and share some comment love.

Sponsor Spotlight: Pink Poodle Bows

I want to tell you all about one of our great sponsors here, Alisha of Pink Poodle Bows

She creates adorable patterns for babies and girls.

PDF sewing pattern, The Grace Apron Dress  sizes 12m-8, girls toddler baby

Recently Alisha sent me two patterns to review. The first was the Chelsea:

Pillowcase Romper Pattern PDF sewing pattern...The Chelsea Romper 3m-5T, girls baby

This pattern was a lot of fun to work with. I hadn’t before sewn anything like it. But her directions were pretty easy to follow. I must admit, I got a bit confused on cutting out and putting the pattern for the cute diaper cover together. I figured it out, though. I highly recommend reading ALL of the directions before you get started. Quite a few of my questions would have been answered if I had thoroughly prepared myself by reading everything.

Here’s Rosie, my model, in the Chelsea dress. It turned out fantastic. Really, the pattern was pretty simple once my initial confusion was gone. I could see a lot of different looks, too, depending on the fabric you used. I went all out with bold and bright for Rosie, and I think it’s just great. 

Dress Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern...The Hannah Dress...sizes 12m-5T, girls Baby toddler

I also tried the Hannah dress. It was even easier than the Chelsea and oh-so-cute. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten my model for a photo shoot yet. Once I do, I will definitely post up some pics. But, as you can see, it’s very fun. Sewing the straps is a bit tricky because there’s a lot of elastic going on, but the top ruffle covers any crazy stitching you might have to do.

All in all, I definitely recommend Pink Poodle Bows for PDF sewing patterns for the little girls in your life. You just can’t beat getting a pattern delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. They have a large variety of sizes included with each pattern, so you should easily be able to create a beautiful gift for some little girl.

Check Pink Poodle Bows out on Etsy.
Also, check out tutorials and more on the blog!

Me: A to Z

I was inspired by Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. on this post. She posted a list of factoids about herself, from A to Z. She, in turn, had been inspired by someone else.

I just had to try it for myself. So here goes. If you decide to do your own, comment here with a link, so I can check it out.

A) age: 25

B) bed size: queen

C) chore you hate: does everything count? OK, vacuuming

D) dogs: Lexy, my porkapso (read more about her here)

E) essential to start your day: a cup of tea and breakfast

F) favorite color: orange (my obsession here)

G) gold or silver: silver, although I mostly wear gold. What’s up with that?

H) height: 5’2″

I) instruments you play: piano since I was 7 and flute since I was 10. I need to practice more, though.

J) job title: unemployed

K) kids: maybe someday (then this gets to turn into a mommy blog!)

L) live: Union, Oregon

M) maiden name: Reed

N) nicknames: Mandy or Amandy basically

O) overnight hospital stays: none

P) pet peeve: bad grammar and spelling

Q) quote: “I’m the first and the last, the best and the most, all the boys love me from coast to coast.” I don’t remember where I got that from, but for some reason I submitted that for my high school senior quote.

R) righty or lefty: righty

S) siblings: 1 sister

T) time you wake up: depends, usually 7:30, give or take half an hour

U) university attended: Eastern Oregon University

V) vegetables you dislike: radishes

W) what makes you run late: my husband occasionally

X) x-rays you’ve had: my ankle in high school (nothing broke) and the dentist

Y) yummy food: can I say everything again? OK, tacos

Z) zoo animal favorite: not sure, maybe koalas

What I Wish I Wore

I have always loved vintage clothes and styles. The silhouettes are classy and look good just about any time. 

Here are some finds that I wish I had right now:

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Feel the Rhythm Shoes by Shabby Apple

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G. Cooper Dress by Shabby Apple

Starshine Vintage Necklace
Starshine Vintage Necklace by LSP Collection
Yep, I definitely think I could use all of these. They are fabulous! Can’t you just imagine going swing dancing in this outfit?

Disclosure: I was not paid for this post. Opinions are 100% mine. However, purchases made through Shabby Apple links may result in commissions to me.