Bunting Blanket

Awhile back someone linked up a very cute bunting baby blanket that they had made based on a tutorial at a pretty cool life.
I knew I had to have one.
Of course, I don’t have a baby. So it had to be for me. No worries, it was adorable enough for all ages.
I just finished mine. I cut a twin size flat sheet in half for my front and backing. Then I used a Moda charm pack to cut out my triangles. I bought pre-made quilt binding to finish the edges.

It was the perfect way for me to try making a more complicated blanket (I’ve only made one blanket, and it was really just two pieces of fabric sewn together.), as well as use some really great fabrics that I could never afford to buy yardage.
Plus, all the materials cost me less than $25! Boo-yah, I say.
Now I can keep this cute and cozy blanket on my couch for snuggling in the evening.

I Made It! Monday Linky Week 17

Last week I really loved a lot of the products that were linked up. One absolutely beautiful project was this honeysuckle wreath tutorial by Ms Not So Perfect:

Simple and gorgeous. Grab a featured button from the sidebar.
This week, what have you got?
Here’s a few guidelines:
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 4. Share some comment love and visit other blogs as you have the time.

DIY Royal Wedding-Inspired Stationary

So I may or may not be somewhat fascinated by the royal wedding. And I may or may not read more than a few articles about who’s invited, the new coat of arms, or the wedding cake.
But I got to thinking, just because I’m not marrying a prince doesn’t mean I can’t feel like royalty.
And what better way to act like a princess than have my own sweet royal stationary. I think it will be perfect for writing out great Honey-Do lists (By Royal Decree).
Want some of your own? Here’s how to do it:
Clip Art of a Crown (I found mine on Liam’s Pictures From Old Books)
Elegant Paper
1. Open your word processor.
2. Insert your clip art. Center it at the top of the page. I also made my margins .5″.
3. Add a text box centered under the image.
4. Using an elegant font (I used English), type your sentiment. Be clever, sassy, silly, or stodgy. It’s up to you.
I used: By Royal Decree, From Her Royal Highness, From the Desk of Her Majesty
5. Print it out. Use matching envelopes, and you could have a beautiful gift set, too.
It’s that easy!

New Necklace

I’ve made a cute little dress for a special event this weekend. (Don’t worry, I’ll be posting pics of it soon!)
But I needed some accessories. So I decided to make a little necklace.
My original concept was a big chunky white plastic bead thing. I didn’t have anything to make that, though.
Instead, I crafted a necklace using white shell beads and green faceted glass beads.
What do you think?

My Passover Meal

So I’m not Jewish. Not even a little. But this year I wanted to investigate the history of Passover with my family.
Please keep in mind that I didn’t follow kosher rules or the exact laws regarding Passover. It wasn’t meant as a disrespect, but it was just something I couldn’t do. However, I found what I discovered to be very interesting.
We read about the celebration and its context. Then, though, I created a feast for us. I used a book called The Good Book Cookbook by Naomi Goodman, Robert Marcus, and Susan Woolhandler.

The book provided an entire meal plan as well as all of the recipes necessary.
I made lamb, matzoh, Passover spice cake, pickled fish, bitter herbs, hasoreth, as well as other relishes, vegetable platters, eggs, and more.