I’m in the midst of making a dress. I think I’m really going to like it.
But I find that I really hate cutting out pattern pieces. This is my first time, and it feels like it adds a lot of cutting to my life.
Previously I have merely drawn my pieces straight onto my fabric. Sure, that takes a lot of measuring, and that makes me scared I’ll mess up. Cutting out little tissue paper pieces is hard, too.
I will survive.
And I’ll post up pictures. But does anyone else find pattern cutting to be a bit tedious?

Camping! In April!

Camping about 50 miles from the Arctic Ocean

So I love camping. Like, a lot.
Last year’s camping season began in May and lasted through the end of October. I camped in Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, and Oregon. I camped on warm days, on cold days, in rain, in snow, in parking lots, and in the middle of nowhere. A couple of mornings I woke up with my sleeping bag frozen to the walls of my tent.
This year I get to start in April. Woot!
Next week I’m headed to a remote area of Oregon. Sure, it’s just a couple of nights, but I am oh-so-excited! I can’t wait to start pulling out my camping gear.
I’m also getting geared up to do some camp cooking. Now, I don’t have a campstove. I do it all over an open fire. Last year I had the opportunity to teach some French tourists how to toast bread using a forked stick over the fire while camping alongside the Denali Highway in Alaska. Can it get much better than that?
What are your favorite camping recipes?

I Made It! Monday Week 13

Last week was our biggest week yet, with 44 links. I saw some really fantastic projects as well as some tasty recipes I will most definitely have to try out.
One great project was Bike Chain Pendants by Wandering Jeweler. 

I just love seeing how a typical, everyday item can become something new, unique, and beautiful. Be sure and grab a featured button over on the sidebar.
This week, what do you have new for me to see? I’m quite excited…
A few guidelines:
1. Please be a follower of my blog.
2. Keep it family-friendly. I reserve the right to delete links I don’t like.
3. If you can, post my button somewhere on your blog:


 4. Link to your specific post, not your homepage.5. Check out any other links you’d like! And have fun! 

Sponsor Spotlight: Faith Unraveled

I want to introduce to you the newest sponsor here at Ninth Street Notions:
Carissa is the proud owner of this adorable little shop that specializes in crocheted hats and accessories.

Isn’t it so cute? Perfect for the little princess in your life. And just in time for spring, too!

I could see myself looking quite adorable in this little beanie. The yellow flower is just a fantastic touch. And yes, it’s true – Faith Unraveled can make many of her creations in sizes from newborn to adult. That means you and your little girl could both be getting great hats this spring.
So be sure and head over to the Faith Unraveled Boutique. Send Carissa some love and snatch up some of these handcrafted beauties!

Giveaway Reminder

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